Legacy Real Property Group was formed in February 2011 by D. Andrew Howell and Mark E. Moshier. After a decade of friendship and professional camaraderie, Drew and Mark had the desire to form their own real estate development company that could fulfill a variety of needs and serve as the vehicle to accomplish the long term goals that they shared.

Early 1990’s, Drew began his career in real estate as a property manager and broker, Mark began his career in the architectural design field and construction management.  Fast Forward a “few” years later, Drew was a partner at Graham Associates in Chapel Hill, NC.  Mark was a development partner at Gates Hudson in Fairfax, Va. In 2002 Mark was relocating to the Triangle area at the same time Drew was removing himself from the day to day operations at Graham Associates. In a wonderful play of fate, Mark was hired at Graham to replace Drew and help handle the operations and new development projects. Drew stayed involved as a partner in the company. This began the decade of friendship and professional camaraderie between Drew and Mark that eventually spawned the idea of Legacy RPG.

After his resignation from Graham, Drew went on to several very successful endeavors including Aqueduct Conference Center and Capstone Ventures, LLC. Mark helped Graham prosper and eventually merge into Grubb & Ellis/Thomas Linderman Graham, which became one of the industry leaders in Triangle Commercial Real Estate. Mark served as Senior Vice President and Principal in charge of Development, meanwhile Drew served (and continues to serve) on the Grubb & Ellis Board of Directors.

During the 2008-2010 decline in the real estate market, Mark and Drew both saw the need to react quickly to market demands and pursue a variety of development products, large and small. Neither felt like they could meet this need within the environment that they were currently operating. Over a few rounds of golf, some memorable mountain bike rides, a couple adult beverages, and many cups of coffee – the outline and form of Legacy RPG began to take shape.

Knowing that there would be value based opportunities to explore during that real estate downturn, timing to launch Legacy RPG became critical. The pieces were put together and Legacy RPG launched in February of 2011.

To date, Mark and Drew have taken on projects that satisfy their mission and stay true to their vision. They have a great team that surrounds them at home and at the office who make it possible to pursue and accomplish their long term goals.

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