Legacy Real Property Group considers real estate development as the core mission of the company. Although resources are dedicated to all company activities, the pursuit of successful development projects remains the main company focus.

Over the past 30 years, the Principals at Legacy RPG have gained experience in all aspects of real estate development and have played many roles in the process. Their experience encompasses a variety of development areas and products including land, single family, multi-family, retail, office, flex and mixed use. The Principals at Legacy RPG also have experience in the redevelopment and repositioning of existing properties, including office, retail and multi-family.

The formation of Legacy RPG created an exciting synergy between the experience of larger companies, and the nimble responsiveness of a smaller team. Legacy RPG enjoys a market advantage of being able to respond quickly to opportunities that need swift action or by displaying patience to find a project that meets their criteria. Their ability to respond quickly to changing market demands and pursue the highest and best use showcases the flexibility that fuels their success.